How a young man start up superb business ?  

Tikal Meheta

A 13 years old guys who is studding in grade 8 at Garodiya
 school he is  from Gujarat India. he set up an example in
start up business in India, he proved that don’t wait for good time start something
you say I am child and still young to do business or to make money he proved
that there is no word of impossible. Any one can do some thing  Interesting incident about to open paper and parcel company   When he started papers and parcel company  , according to him its co-incident of July
2017 when he was just 12 years .now in house team 100 and 300 Dabbawala , about 400 people
peoples are working him .every Sunday he spend his day with his employee instead
of plying game or watching cartoons on tv like other his age group to do so  . to became a better entrepreneur doesn’t
required any fixed age , experience or education,  within  1 years he has aim to  employee around 2020 turnover will be around
100 Crores  . he got some awards as well

To be continue…………..