Terracotta tiles are very affordable. Terra Cotta is perfect for many uses such as Temple ,Church , Historical Buildings,  ,kitchen tile, bathroom tile, patio tile and even for pool decks. It is recommended that a sealer is used when used near sources of water.

Terracotta Rectangle Tile  for Floor, wall or  Kitchen

Everyone of terracotta tile tends to be matched and special in color and shade. It is full body so the face color depends on the raw-materials.  It also can be glazed to make it impervious to stains, sealed to protect it from damage, or left untreated in its natural state. The terracotta tile has a rough, rustic feel to it that is both subdued and rugged for a while. This can be increased, or decreased, by purchasing handmade cut pieces.

Eco Friendly Terracotta tile use various clay as the main raw material, clay has been weathered for thousands of years, the structure is stable and does not contain radioactive material, no chemical pigments and harmful substances are added to the production process, no harm can be caused to the human body. Ambient air humidity “regulator” Terracotta tile with certain water absorption, when it rains, will absorb some water automatically stored in the tile body, when it’s summer, dry air, will automatically emit the water slowly, it’s good adjust air humidity, to wander outside terracotta tiles building, there is wind blowing straight cool feeling. Low-carbon products Terracotta tiles does not contain metallic substance, do not produce electrostatic, not easy to absorb dust, have self-cleaning function. Good insulation protects buildings from the sun and ultraviolet radiation.


Size: 3″ X 9″ X 0.40 ”

Type : Wall Tile

No. of Tiles: 5.25 pcs/Sqft.

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